Darren Hanna-Kumas

Assistant tutor

Having worked in worked in Health and Social Care for over 27 years (predominantly supporting people with Autism, learning disabilities and complex communication needs) I have been privileged to support and work alongside those who may be touch deprived or tactile selective. This touch deprivation may be because of Sensory Impairments, Risk Behaviour, Autism, or medical / healthcare needs. Having the opportunity to have these shared experiences has given me a greater understanding of importance of touch, and how this can positively enrich a person’s life. Being able to hold a person’s hand, watch a person develop confidence, or just connect and share a space with a person in a way that makes sense to them is a privilege.

Qualifying as a Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Therapist in 2019. provided me with the opportunity to look deeper into myself, and ask myself how can I further develop my skills as a holistic practitioner? My next step will be to complete the Advanced Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage Diploma and share in delivering the Holistic Massage Diploma as an Assistant Tutor.  I am both honoured and excited to continue my development with MSMB and look forward to supporting new learners in their first steps on what can only be described as an incredible journey.