Frequently Asked Questions About Treatments and Covid-19

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How does Covid-19 this affect my treatment?

Before we meet you will be required to complete a pre-treatment Covid-19 form. This will be done over the telephone 24 hours before your treatment.

Your initial consultation will be completed when you arrive. As guidelines current require us to minimise the time spent in face-to-face contact with clients, this may be completed by telephone or video call before you enter the building.

When you arrive, you should be wearing a type IIR face covering, if you do not have one this will be provided. It must be kept in place for the entire duration of your visit.

(If you are exempt from wearing a face covering evidence will need to be provided.)

You will be asked to anti-bac your hands and directed to the treatment room. Here you will find a dedicated chair and container for your belongings.

Your therapist will be wearing PPE when you arrive and throughout the treatment.

Equipment will all be cleansed in accordance with professional association guidelines and the room will be ventilated. If you need additional coverings during your treatment to stay warm, please do ask.

At the end of your treatment, please do not fold, shake or tidy up the coverings used during the session. Simply get dressed and wait for the therapist to return.

Any exercise programmes will be delivered by e mail.

I’m am new to massage and hands-on therapy – what’s it like?

The experience is different for every individual. Some people may feel relaxed, others may feel invigorated; there is no set pattern.

Do I have to be undressed?

We can work over clothing. However, with rehabilitation and injury management it is likely that we will need to examine the area in question directly rather than over clothing.

But will I be covered up during a massage?

You will be covered at all times with towels or a sheet apart from the area we are working on

Does massage hurt?

To begin with a light to medium pressure is used to warm the muscles. This can reveal a mild tenderness. With your feedback, we adjust the pressure to stay within your comfort zone.

What if I cannot get on a massage couch?

If you have reduced mobility through injury or disability don’t worry, massage is very adaptable. We work with a position you are comfortable in and we will use an alternative method.

What if I find it difficult to leave my home?

Usually this is not a problem. Sessions can take place in a person’s home. When booking a treatment, we will talk about access and space available.

Due to Covid-19 this service has been suspended.

I have a medical condition. Is massage and bodywork safe for me?

Most conditions can be worked with. There are only a few medical conditions which restrict certain treatments. Please contact us to discuss your condition.

My questions not here?

Please contact us.

Covid 19 Risk Assessment – Treatment