Hot Stone Massage Therapy Course (MTI Accredited)

Investment: £350

Deposit: £150

6th & 7th July 2024

Duration: 2 days + case studies

Hot Stone Massage Training

This therapy course is taught with the ‘holistic’ approach that is at the core of all Midlands School of Massage & Bodywork courses. You will learn to work with Hot Stone Massage techniques, which can be adapted to meet the individual needs of clients. We encourage you to acknowledge and work with the ‘whole’ person – the physical body, mind and emotional self, as well as the more subtle energies. We encourage you to work ‘with’ your client, not ‘on’ your client and using your intuition, work from the heart. Hot Stone massage appears to have a calming effect, supporting stress relief, while the warmth of the stones further supports reducing pain sensations. For the Massage Therapy Practitioner, it can be used as a stand-alone treatment, or complementary and integrated into other methods of body work treatments. Please note ‘specialist’ equipment will be required.

The Qualification

The Hot Stone Massage Course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT). FHT is the UK and Ireland’s largest Professional Association, supplying membership and insurance, for complementary therapists. For more information visit

Course Structure

The course is part-time run over 3 days. The course is held in Birmingham or Solihull with a maximum group size of 12 students which allows for a good tutor student ratio. There are a variety of teaching methods, which includes lectures but these are aimed at being experiential and participative. During the course students will practice Hot Stone Massage with each other.

The time between workshops allows you to practice, complete and record case study projects. (Students will be expected to keep comprehensive clinic notes that demonstrate reflective practice).


Outline of Course Content

  • The concept and theory behind Stone Massage
  • How to give full and short holistic Stone Massage treatments
  • Working with hot and cold stones
  • How to incorporate working with stones in your remedial massage treatments
  • Contra-indications and considerations for Hot stone Massage
  • How to care for your stones and equipment appropriately and safely

Examination and Completion Requirements

  • Internal assessment requirements: Assessment of a one hour Hot Stone Massage with a client.  
  • Case Studies. Carry out 6 treatment sessions outside of the course and write up and submit client case notes 

Course Pricing Details

£350 which includes, course workbook, on-going student support and supervision throughout the course.  It also includes exam fees. The deposit it £150 and the remaining fee of £200 is payable on the first training weekend. As the course is only currently open to therapists with a qualification in AP&P level 3 or above, you will be expected to have current membership to a Professional Association and practitioner insurance. You will also need a current first aid certificate.

Entry Requirements

To take part in this course students will need:

  • To be 18 or over and must be able to perform the massage techniques listed in the syllabus.
  • A good understanding of English for technical detail taught
  • A qualification in bodywork and anatomy, physiology and pathology, minimum level 3.
  • First Aid certificate
  • Commitment, interest and enthusiasm for the course subject and desire to develop personally as a therapist.

How to apply

Simply contact us  for an application form and return it to us. We will then contact you for payment by bank transfer. Without the deposit, which is non-refundable or full payment we cannot reserve your place on the course. Although there is no interview to join this course, if you have not trained with an MTI school before, please let us know and we will advise you of entry requirements. We look forward to working with you.