Samantha Roberts

Assistant Tutor 

Sam studied with Meridian for her Holistic Massage Diploma and Holistic Sports and Remedial Diploma. She has her own clinic practice. Sam is passionate about the benefits of therapeutic massage, be they physical, emotional or spiritual and is looking forward to sharing the excitement and joy of massage with new students.

“I have always loved giving and receiving massage.  My friends, family and children would tell me I should train and do massage “properly”, but the right opportunity never came along and it was just something I did if people had an aching neck, sore shoulders or wanted a bit of loving touch. 

A friend recommended I try a student massage at Meridian and when I turned up Mandy was on reception.  Telling me the course had changed her life, she sent me away after my massage with details about the Holistic Diploma course.  I duly studied on the course and went on to study further on the Holistic Sports and Remedial Diploma. 

Going on those courses not only gave me my life back, it meant that I was equipped with knowledge and tools to help others connect with themselves, help themselves heal, find space within their busy lives to stop and find peace and allow themselves to be nurtured, affirmed and treasured for who they are and where they are on their life’s journey. 

I worked with homeless men over the winter, offering foot massage in one of their night shelters.  Several were moved to tears that someone should want to touch them at all, let alone massage their feet.  For a few moments those men weren’t being judged or roughed up, but knew acceptance and kindness through touch.

I work with adults with autism in a residential setting and the way their eyes light up, the way one of them takes my hand and leads me to his massage space for his session – all without words – gives me the certainty that not only is this work fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding, but is a privilege to work with all people in all their frailty and vulnerability and to share precious moments as they allow us into their world.