Student Reviews


” A very enjoyable and relaxing day. I found that I had a few issues with tension and was helped through the release by the massage. Very informative literature to help with giving appropriate massage but also the history and general historic info too. A lovely day.”

CP, Introduction Day Part One, July 2023 

“I took the massage course with my husband and we weren’t sure what to expect but we had such a good time. It was extremely professional and I learned alot. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn about therapeutic massage or just as a way to relax and connect. Thoroughly enjoyed.” 

BV, Introduction Day Part One, July 2023 

“I really enjoyed the day. Julie, Sam and Darren were welcoming and relaxed. The course had structure whilst allowing free flowing questions and discussions. As someone who is not great at receiving massage the day had been informative and really enjoyable in both giving and receiving massage.”

SK, Introduction Day Part One, July 2023 

“Really enjoyed course- lots of practice of massage very helpful. Good pace. Didn’t get bored. Very good taster course useful in everyday life even if you don’t take it further.”

MD, Introduction Day Part One July 2023 

“Be prepared to set aside regular time to study and complete coursework. It can be challenging, especially alongside work and home life. I would not recommend trying to complete it without a supportive home environment. 

Dedicating time to concentrate on the course is essential, and I recommend allocating regular time every week to ensure you are working towards getting coursework completed on time. Falling behind only adds more pressure to the already demanding course content. There are many resources online; however I found this to cause confusion as resources and content maybe higher or lower than expected on this course. The course platform Moodle provides you with videos, podcasts, Power point and other specific resources that will enhance your learning without leading you down an rabbit hole. 

Sometimes it feels overwhelming; take a break but don’t give up; trust the process and it will make sense once you reach the other side. A large amount of the course is dedicated to anatomy, physiology and pathology; this equips the therapist to understand what they are actually doing and why. The course is not about learning set routines; it is about understanding AP&P; that is the structure of the human body, how it is designed to function , and what can go wrong with the body and mind. It’s about learning techniques and massage strokes; how, when and why they are used. It’s about understanding yourself and self-care. It’s about seeing the client as as whole person, and by the end of the course, you have a whole toolbox to create treatment plans with clients that best support them. ” 

EB, Therapeutic and Holistic Massage Diploma Student 2022/23

“It was a fantastic day. It opened my eyes to being mindful around working with clients that I already work with that may have mental ill health that I have not been aware of. From the tutors point of view, Julie is very creative in the way she teaches. It gives clarity. I value that kind of training and look forward to taking more CPD workshops in the future. It keeps me in touch with what is going on and further develops my practice as a massage therapist”.

LL, Massage, Mindfulness and Mental Health Wellbeing. April 2023

“I found this though provoking and insightful. A great way to think about how to incorporate mindfulness and mental health into everyday practice when working with our clients”. 

DT, Massage, Mindfulness and Mental Health, April 2023. 

“The Massage, Mindfulness and Mental Health training day was really good. It touched in a real holistic way on a whole range of aspects. There was a lot of very useful information, we did some fun and at the same time very educative exercises. The main think I think I take with me is the initial consultation, and importance of communication with clients. A real recommendation!”.

MVG, Massage, Mindfulness and Mental Health Wellbeing, April 2023

“Massage Therapy, Mindfulness and Mental Health Wellbeing was possibly one of the most beneficial modules I’ve taken as part of training for the Holistic Diploma. I feel like I’ve grown as a therapist and am able to give a much more rounded approach to supporting my clients now. It was also nice to meet other therapists – learning about others unique perspectives and experiences has been an invaluable!”

JH, Massage, Mindfulness and Mental Health Wellbeing April 2023. 

“Very exciting day giving me loads of food for thought. Especially brain storming myself for ways of delivering massage through a narrative for children. Really well paced day with loads of advice and support. So look forward to learning more with you”.

KT Introduction day 2023

“Really enjoyed today, learned alot of different techniques, relaxed atmosphere, met some lovely people, very interested in learning further in this area”. 

TB, Introduction day 2023

“A lovely warm learning space where I felt grounded enough to learn as well as be intuitive. I felt safe and supported. There was a good balance between learning practicalities as well as tuning in to what flowed naturally”.

EB, Introduction day 2023

“A wonderful Introduction! Simple, doable techniques, combined with an overall understanding of the ‘intention’ of the massage as well as how to read what the client needs. 

Would definitely recommend to others”.

RL, Introduction day 2023

“Julie, you are an amazing lady, not just because of your extensive knowledge and level of skills, but also because of your energy, your generosity and calming personality. I love your approach to massage, connecting with the spiritual side of the practice. I’d love to learn more in future”.

ID, Introduction day 2023

“A great course for any ability. Julie makes you feel very welcome, safe and supported. And you get massaged as well!”

HA, Introduction day 2023

“What was I thinking when I embarked on this course, what an outcome, what a journey? I have never experienced a training programme that not only equips and qualifies you to be an outstanding Massage Therapist and yet sends you down the road to self-discovery at the same time.

Don’t get e wrong, it’s intense, challenging and those weekends fly by. Yet I feel nurtured, knowledgeable, and nourished having completed this ‘experiential journey’.

The quality of teaching was outstanding as well as the support given. You really get a Return On Investment undertaking the Holistic Massage Therapy course. One of the many nuggets of wisdom I have learnt is BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

“LET ME HEAR YOU SAY IT”… ever heard that before ?:-) Well done and thank you Midland School of Massage and Bodywork. 

JMW  Diploma Student 2022

Message for the tutors from a 2022 student – “Tutors when you have rubbish, long days and wonder why you are spending your time doing such hard work, please know that what you teach is massively important and has an impact on/to those which you may never hear of”. 

Thank you RWH from Julie and Fran 

“I chose Midlands School of Massage because of what they offered, not just learning the skill of massage but also learning marketing skills, and business skills. 

I went to the school on the first day and said wow the tutors here are wonderful. Waling into the place felt like home, right then and there I knew this was the place I needed to be, and this was the school I needed to go to. 

One of the great things about going to MSMB is that you get experience on clinic day. You get hands-on experience with the public. 

What I love about MSMB is that they offer a really great core programme. The core programme is the foundations of what you will grow into and become as a massage therapist, it covers all of the things that you really need to know and be aware of as a massage therapist. 

I’m really thankful for all the knowledge that was given to me. 

LK, Diploma Student Dec 2022. 

” I found MSMB to be an excellent training facility. I attended the Professional Massage Therapy Diploma April 2022 – Dec 2022. I found the course catered for each individual students developing skills and learning styles. The course subjects are creatively designed to interweave within each other, providing a holistic and consolidating approach to learning. The in-depth knowledge, skill, support, and dedication to our learning, imparted by our tutors over the course showed their commitment and passion to their vocation. By the end of the course I felt, as individuals and as a group, we had developed a strong theoretical and practical knowledge/skill base, giving us the confidence and ability to forge our own way within the profession.”

SS. Diploma Student Dec 2022

‘The introduction to holistic massage one-day course was thoroughly enjoyable. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and Julie and Sam created a relaxed and fun environment while still maintaining professionalism. I learned so much in such a short amount of time and I left feeling confident in my abilities to massage friends and family without hurting them. I felt comfortable asking any question no matter how small. For anyone unsure about pursuing massage, this is a great way to get a taster and you might find, like me, that you enjoy giving massages just as much as you enjoy receiving them. Plus, the course is good value for money’

GH Introduction to Holistic Massage Student, Birmingham 2022

‘Truly an amazing experience and journey! I feel so so lucky to have been able to have Julie as a tutor, a really inspiring and caring mentor. She has supported me through this journey and really encouraged me to feel more confident. The course has really been a life changing moment for me personally and how I perceive myself and where I want to be in the future! 
I would recommend this to anyone who is open minded, compassionate and willing to learn and immerse themselves in the journey.’ 
FR Diploma Student 2021/22
‘Best decision I have ever made. I have gained so much knowledge – with myself, actual factual knowledge, spirituality, etc. 
Every weekend has been grounding for me, and there has not been one thing I’ve done where I haven’t gained insight in someway. 
The staff – Julie, Sam and Fran have supported me through and through, and I had no idea just how life changing it would be when I first came in October’
KU Diploma Student 2021/22
‘Prior to starting a massage course I researched thoroughly on local courses to assess which one would be more beneficial for me and one that was in depth. this certainly was that and I am so glad that I choose the Midlands School fo Massage to start my massage journey. 
For me working with the body is incredibly personal and of course every body is different. This course takes everything about the person into account, body, mind and spirit. The massage weekends were so valuable and each weekend planned and delivered brilliantly. The resources, support and guidance was second to none. I feel, for the first time ager finishing a course of study, confident and well equipped to move in to my massage career/path. I could not recommend this course enough, it has been an incredible learning journey and cannot wait to see what the future holds for my massage journey’ 
CN Diploma Student 2021/2
‘The course is an excellent way of getting both an understanding of the principle aspects of holistic therapy and a way of broadening an individuals attitude towards well being. The importance of mental health and spiritual health has increased hugely in recent years and the diploma course helps individuals to better understand this on a personal level and recognise the importance of this for friends and colleagues. 
The holistic (massage) therapy course helps to challenge the individual in a gentle and beneficial way and in a setting where the group members help each other. Most people have a general view of what ‘fight or flight’ means or what ‘stress’ means, but this course enables a depth of understanding to be developed in terms of medical human physiology in a way that opens the eyes to the benefits of the holistic approaches. 
the course is relevant to all ages and backgrounds – a healthy mind always wants to learn – and the diploma course achieves one important aim which everyone needs in life which is to always have a sense of wonder of how to achieve better wellbeing for themselves and others’. 
LP  Diploma Student 2021/22

“Doing this course (Therapeutic and Holistic Massage Diploma) I not only discovered a world of compassion, care and trust but I also discovered myself step by step in a way I haven’t done before, with the help of creative, supportive and diligent tutors; therapy has now more meaning. It helps me so as to help others. Thank you for all the support, advice and care!”
AR, Birmingham – Student

“I would just like to add that I have been waiting to complete this course for many years, and it did not disappoint. Fantastic face to face training re-covid, and continued additional support throughout. I would like to commend both Julie and Fran for their patience, tolerance and support throughout. They managed to ensure that despite the situation (covid – 19 pandemic/lockdowns) learning remained enjoyable and achievable so thank you! Only issue I found was the balance towards the end of the course in terms of being available on a Saturday most weekends for online learning. I know this is down to my personal circumstance and may not affect the majority. All in all I can not recommend this course enough and only express my gratitude for dragging us kicking and screaming through this diploma! Thank you!”
DD, Birmingham – Student

“I feel like the course is very detailed and good to become the best therapist. At the start it seems very overwhelming with the amount of work to do but it is doable in the time frame we have. The tutors are amazing and it feels like I ve gained another family with the group. Thank you.”
LJ, Birmingham – Student

“Everything was covered in detail on the Holistic Massage Diploma course. The tutors have done a really good job of supporting us and continuing the course through the pandemic through all the changes in government guidelines. Really thorough teaching and revision techniques for AP&P Always had thorough feedback from mock exams and how we can improve – lots of practice time. the school loaned us spare massage tables to work on – didn’t need to but a nice addition. We also got to practice massage in an onsite chair”.
AL, Birmingham – Student

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and learning a valuable new skill that feels like a privilege. Covid 19 and the resulting lockdowns have given us many challenges, but with great support from our tutors, we ve negotiated all the twists and turns. The style of teaching suited me down to the ground. Learning from books and written form is really not my thing, so the visual learning methods were fantastic and got me a very respectable AP&P grade. The course is intense, will possibly push your comfort zones and is hard, but well worth all the hard work and commitment that is required. there is plenty of support if you need it. When you qualify, you can be certain that you have completed one of the best courses available and be as prepared as possible for your future whichever route it may take.”
CE, Redditch – Student

 “I have just completed the level 4 holistic diploma. My experience throughout this course was amazing. The support given has meant a lot throughout my time. I have grown and developed both personally and professionally. For me this has definitely been a life changing journey. Worth all the effort.  I thoroughly recommend it.
DT, Birmingham – Student

“Fun, informal weekend! thoroughly enjoyed the massages (giving and receiving). The staff are very friendly, encouraging and informative. Definitely recommend the introductory course if you are considering doing the diploma.”

LC, Solihull – Student

“The introduction to holistic massage course was very enjoyable. Sam dispelled any nerves I had at the start of the course and the two days were informative and engaging. Thank you”
CG, Solihull – Student

“Found the introduction to holistic massage very helpful to know about doing the full diploma. Very friendly team, very welcoming. You learn a lot over the couple of days.”
AW, Tamworth – Student

“Taping and strapping course – this was delivered in a very simple way enabling full understanding of the concepts. Very enjoyable and thought provoking. Definitely 5 stars.”
JA, St16 – Student

“ Have found this 2 day course to be a massive learning curve as to what is involved with taping and strapping. There is far more to it than I realised with how and why it can be used. For this reason, I think that the course would probably benefit by being over more than 2 days. It has been fantastic learning from Earle (Abrahamsom), he is a very intelligent man who I can only hope to be as knowledgeable as he is and certainly look forward to learning from him again in the future.”
JJ, Wolverhampton – Student

“Spent two days with Earle (Abrahamsom) on his taping and strapping course. It was utterly fascinating and he delivers the course in not only a professional but such a user friendly way. An excellent teacher. I have learnt another skill for my tool box. It is a packed course and would be great if extended by another day. Thanks Meridian for another fabulous course.”

CP, B26 – Student

“Taping and strapping course – very educational, lots of information. I can now help my clients in lots of ways. There was fun, happiness and kind comments.”
IP, Cv3 – Student

 “Fantastic course (tapping and strapping), loved every minute. The tutor was very knowledgeable and ran a very inspirational weekend. Meridian always do brilliant courses, thank you. Only improvement is to make it longer as so much to learn.”
HB, Telford – Student

“Fantastic thoroughly enjoyable weekend with Earle Asbrahamsom on taping and strapping. Could be longer. Excellent balance of demonstration and hands on experience. All aspects well linked to AP&P and thinking about why, how and when this is appropriate. Great delivery style – very accessible and inclusive. Good learning environment and student number facilitating exciting learning experience. Huge learning curve – fun and informative. Thanks Earle – want to learn more
FF, Solihull – Student

 “It has been a superb experience from beginning to end. It has been tough and challenging and difficult to balance work and study. However, the support of Julie and the team at Meridian has helped me through! Nurturing and expanding my knowledge in a fun but structured way. i couldn’t recommend Meridian more highly a great balance of self study and delivered training, although 3 day weekends are tough. such a great experience”.
ID, Leicestershire – Student

“Learning new skills and technique. Trying out new techniques and getting feedback from client is important. Interesting to learn about the movement and posture and using while hand.
JW, B9 – Student

 “Really amazing and completely eye opening experience. Never would have thought i’d love my feet so much!! The toolbox is a lovely way of working and so creative – no boring routines!!
AC, Birmingham – Student

“Very positive trainers, lots of fun to be around.”
TP, Birmingham – Student

“A very comprehensive introduction to holistic massage. Enthusiastic and open tutors, safe and welcoming environment. A really good way to find out what this whole movement is about. Thank you.”
LP, Birmingham – Student

 “Thank you for an amazing weekend. The opportunity to learn a new skill was brilliant. I have grown as a person, I shall definitely be walking taller in future. The tutors were fantastic. I shall be looking to take it further.
AD, Birmingham – Student

 “A really wonderful course. Another massage therapy skill (warm bamboo) for my tool box. Excellent tutor, delivered a very good course. Would highly recommend it to other therapists to try out. Thank you.”
CP, Birmingham – Student

“I enjoyed all the hands on work which gave me a chance to experiment with the (bamboo) sticks techniques we were shown. The work book explains the sticks well. It might have been better if there were more sticks but it was fine with the few we had. A fun and informative day.
EW, Bristol – Student

 “The bamboo massage training was a lovely day, and I got what i’m used to: a good quality training, useful lesson/teachings, lovely people and tutors, fun and laughter and a safe space where I can be myself completely. Thank you!
Mv, Coventry – Student

“Very much more hands on with the bamboo massage day which is what I was hoping it would be! Ros is a pleasure to be taught by and be in the company of and I couldn’t have asked for a more productive day. Really feeling excited to apply this treatment with future clients.”
RW, Leicester – Student 

“This School is like having another family who always support you through your journey. The Sports and Remedial course has been hard progress as there is alot of work but if you keep on top of it it’s easily manageable and as hard as you make it. The tutors are exceptional. I would recommend this course, I feel this is the best place I could have learnt this.”
JJ, Wolverhampton – Student

 “Intense, enjoyable, difficult, challenging! The Sports and Remedial course has been a difficult but amazing experience, I ve not only improved professionally but personally too and I can’t wait to start practicing professionally! I would definitely recommend it, the approach, quality of knowledge, support and experience given is invaluable. It is a big commitment and you need to be willing to put the work in, homework and practice hours are there for a reason and its important to follow guidelines on when they should be done. Be ruthless with yourself and time! Thank you to everyone, Julie, Joce and my team!
JB, Stafford – Student

“I feel elements of the sports and remedial diploma course were delivered clearly. Difficult concepts made accessible to me, much appreciated. The learning environment was a loving, safe environment to learn, grow in ability and confidence, refining ones’ massage practice into an art form.”
PR, Birmingham – Student

“Just finished the massage diploma training, and it was an amazing and wonderful, intense year, with a wonderful group and the most amazing tutors. They are all so supportive and caring. The course is very intense, and the homework and studying took more time than I had anticipated, but I have learned loads and it was more than worth it! I think this is the best school to go to. They really prepare you as much as possible for working as a massage therapist. Thank you all lovely ladies!
MV, Warwickshire – Student

 “This school was all I wanted, the learning environment is very fluid and holistic. The tutors work with you to become the best version of yourself and do so in such a holistic way. Their bank of knowledge seems endless and they share it all with you. Becoming a massage therapist is a journey, and one well worth taking with this training school.
JT, Stafford – Student

“I would recommend Midlands School of Massage & Bodywork to anyone interested in learning massage therapy. The 2 year journey I have embarked on has enabled me to become a professional, non-judgemental and skilled therapist. This has not only benefited my career but also my personal and social life. Thank you so much to all the tutors.”
OB, Burton On Trent – Student

 “Whilst I undertook my initial massage training with another company I have now done two workshops with this massage training school (deep tissue and connective tissue and the holistic massage refresher as part of my cpd). The team are warm and friendly and the learning environment is relaxed and welcoming. Julie is an inspiring tutor with an immense knowledge to share and I’m very much looking forward doing next year’s cpd courses.
JP, Coleshill, N. Warwickshire – Student

“Hi girls I would just like to say a big thank you for a brilliant course (introduction to holistic massage). I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much, my wife is loving it ha. The course was really well structured, educational and entertaining, I can see why so many students return to do a full diploma. If I wasn’t working full time already I would love to do the course but hey! Again, thank you so much and hope to see you all again”.
MG, Wolverhampton – Student